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Scott M Alvord — Associate Professor
Hispanic Linguistics, Spanish

Picture of Scott M Alvord

Contact Information

Office: 3162 JFSB

Phone: 801-422-7546


Commonly Taught Courses

Dr. Alvord teaches a variety of courses in Hispanic Linguistics and the Spanish language, including:
  • Spanish 629R “Seminar on the Second Language Acquisition of Spanish Phonology”
  • Spanish 626 “Spanish Phonology”
  • Spanish 601A “Hispanic Linguistics and Research Methodology”
  • Spanish 520 “Problems in Spanish Grammar”
  • Spanish 425 “Spanish and English Structure”
  • Spanish 329 “Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics”
  • Spanish 326 “Spanish Phonetics and Pronunciation”
  • Spanish 321 “Third Year Reading, Grammar, Culture, Composition”

Semester Schedule: Office Hours: Monday 10-11 AM or by appointment for Summer 2015

Vita: Link to Vita


Dr. Alvord joined the Department of Spanish and Portuguese in 2005. He received a PhD from the University of Minnesota in Hispanic Linguistics. His research interests include Spanish Phonetics and Phonology, Sociolinguistics, Spanish in the U.S., and the Second Language Acquisition of Spanish Phonology.

Degrees: Ph.D. in Hispanic Linguistics, 2006
University of Minnesota

Master of Arts in Hispanic Linguistics, 2003
University of Minnesota

Bachelor of Arts in Spanish, 1998
Weber State University