Teaching Opportunities

Q. I’m an undergraduate student and a native Spanish/Portuguese speaker. Are there any job opportunities available in the Department?
A. Frequently there is a need for conversation lab and writing lab instructors for both Fall and Winter semesters only. Please fill out an application in 3190 JFSB several weeks before the semester begins.  These positions are open to ELC students as well.

Q. I’m an undergraduate student and am interested in teaching 100-200 level Spanish courses at BYU. What do I need to do?
A. Normally these courses are taught by graduate students, but on occasion we may have fewer teachers than we need and will therefore turn to our seniors who are majoring in Spanish or Spanish Teaching. Regardless of whether you are a senior or graduate student, you must comply with the following requirements:

  1. You must have completed Spanish 326.
  2. You must have completed the teaching methodology course or courses as indicated below (option a. or option b.):
    a. Spanish 377, 378 and 380, if you are a Spanish teaching major or minor, or
    b. Spanish 477, if you are planning to teach only here and do not intend to obtain a teaching certificate for the public school system, or do not seek a Spanish Pedagogy MA in our Department.
  3. Complete an application form (3190 JFSB) indicating the courses in Spanish that you have completed to this point. Submit the application with the required letters of recommendation and teaching video as indicated on the application form.
  4. If you are selected to teach, you will be required to:
    1. Attend a Student Instructor orientation workshop held during the week prior to the beginning of classes in the Fall
    2. Enroll in and attend Spanish 673R (one-credit course) each semester you teach
    3. Carry at least six hours of university courses each semester
    4. Meet all obligations of student instructors related to preparation and teaching duties