Q. Where can I find out more about extracurricular language activities?
A. Join our Facebook page for a wide variety of academic and extracurricular language activities, and internship and job opportunities.  The Spanish Resource Center on BYU Campus offers a variety of cultural activities throughout the semester and their information can also be found online. In addition, BYU offers many activities through the Mexican Club and the Luso-Brazilian Club on campus. For information on these two clubs, call 801-422-7339.  You can also contact BYU’s Center for Service and Learning for volunteer opportunities with Spanish or Portuguese.

Q. I want to add a class but it’s full.  Is there a way I can add the class?

A. The majority of classes in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese adhere to the University’s new “Waiting List” method.  On the Registration page, you can add your name to the class waiting list by clicking on the “WL.”  Your spot will move up and the class will be added automatically as students drop.  In some circumstances, you may ask for a permission-to-add code from the instructor of the course you want to add, which will allow you to immediately add the class even though it is full.  However, the vast majority will tell you to add your name to the waiting list.  You may also attend the class on the first day and ask the instructor for a permission-to-add code.  Depending on each situation, it may or may not be given.

Q. I’m trying to add a class that is not full, but it says I need “Departmental Approval.” What do I do?
A. After school starts, many Spanish/Portuguese classes will say this. This is due to the fact that some professors do not want students to add if they miss the first day. Unless your class is a translation or teaching class, you need to contact the instructor and they will give you a permission-to-add code.  Students in the translation or teaching major can receive permission-to-add codes from the main office in 3190 JFSB.