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Why do an internship?

*Preparation.  If you haven’t worked in a company, you are ill-prepared for a job after graduation.

*Experience.  Working in a company exposes you to a breadth of experience and a different way of thinking and working.

*Skills.  Internships require and provide useful skills, from interpersonal interactions to specific development tools.

*Opportunities. Work on real products with real customers.

*Knowledge of Industry.  You need to know the state of the art, how practitioners act, and what they really need.

Benefits of an Internship

According to interns from BYU, students gain the following benefits through academic internships:


*Skill Development



*Professional Connections

*Academic Credits


*Plus, in some internships you can be paid

Find an Internship

*Visit to see a current list of approved providers.

*Find an internship on your own (note that specific forms are required to approve a provider).

*Meet with Dr. Scott Alvord, the Spanish & Portuguese Internship Coordinator, for ideas. (

*Go to the Humanities Advisement Center in 1175 JFSB and speak with Dave Waddell for ideas.

Approve the Internship

Meet with Dr. Scott Alvord, the department Internship Coordinator, to receive approval, determine credit, and collect internship form.

BYU SupportChild holding globe

 Washington Seminar

*Opportunities in Embassies

*Affordable Housing in DC

College of Humanities



BYU Internship Office

*Academic Support

Career Services


*Cover letter

*Mock Interview

*Employer Resources

*Career Options-E-Recruiting




*Law Enforcement


*Nonprofit Organizations

*Private Companies

Some Possibilities of Internships in our Field

In Washington D.C.

*Embassy of Spain

*Embassy of Brazil

*Embassy of Portugal

In Salt Lake City

*Honorary Consulate of Peru

*Honorary Consulate of Brazil

*Primary Children’s Medical Center (Interpretation)

In Los Angeles

*Consulate of Spain

In Diverse Places

*LDS Employment Services

*ISP Field Studies

*Selected Local Translation Companies

*Care for Life

*City Financial

*HELP International

*Ascend Alliance

*Eagle Condor Humanitarian


*BYU Television (Translation)

Financial Resources

Each year the Department of Spanish and Portuguese awards a limited number of grants to majors in the Department of up to $2000 for international travel, $1000 for national travel and $500 for local travel. Contact Dr. Scott Alvord to request an application.

The world is really in your hands!!!

For more information, please contact the Spanish and Portuguese Department Internship Coordinator Dr. Scott Alvord.

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