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Studying Spanish

Based on the liberal arts tradition, the Spanish programs at BYU are designed not only to improve students’ communication skills but to immerse them in a study of Hispanic linguistics, literature and culture.

The undergraduate major serves the needs of students who plan to enter a variety of fields, including business, medicine, law, government service, teaching, and graduate studies in literature, culture, linguistics, and pedagogy. This major is intended to help students cultivate lifelong habits of reading and study, as well as provide them with practical tools for serving and working among a Spanish-speaking population.

The M.A. program, one of the nation's largest, most diverse, and most respected, is a liberal arts program that aims to master skills in critical thinking, written expression and oral proficiency, while allowing students to specialize in either linguistics, literature, or pedagogy.

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Literary Criticism with Spanish Lenses
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BYU Spanish professor Greg Stallings does more than study and teach Spanish literature and culture; he also has an interest in critical theory as it relates to the paradoxes of combining jazz music and noir subjectivity.

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Humanities Grads Work in Diverse Fields
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A new way to view data shows vast impact of humanities in business, IT, healthcare and other fields

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