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  • How do I declare a major or minor?

    Click “Learn More” for the procedures on how to declare a major or minor.

  • What Can I do with a Degree in Spanish or Portuguese?

    Click “Learn More” to learn about career opportunities for students with a degree in Spanish or Portuguese .

  • Spanish Online Placement Exam

    Take the exam three times and average your score. This will give you a general idea of the best class for you. The password is cougars1.

  • Which Portuguese class should I take?

    Click “Learn More” to view the descriptions for each course.

  • Challenge Exam

    Click “Learn More” to view more information about the Challenge Exam.

  • Transfer Information

    Click “Learn More” to see which Spanish classes will transfer to BYU.

  • Teaching Opportunities

    Click “Learn More” to view more information about Teaching Opportunities

  • Other

    Click “Learn More” to view more Frequently Asked Questions.