Rebecca Brazzale

Name: Rebecca Brazzale

Hometown: Cheyenne, WY

Previous Education (BA): BA Interdisciplinary Humanities w/ Spanish Literature Emphasis (BYU); BA Spanish (University of Wyoming)

Language/Emphasis of Degree: Spanish Pedagogy MA

Current Position (job, Ph. D. program, etc.): Advisor at BYU Humanities Advisement & Careers

What you thought of the professors? I loved working with the Spanish Pedagogy faculty. They were very knowledgeable and always made time for my questions.  They created a very challenging but nurturing academic environment.  They are just great people.

Why pursue an MA in your emphasis? I’ve always worked in education, and this was the way for me to specialize in Second Language Acquisition while still working in both Spanish and Education.

Favorite class? Blair Bateman’s “Teaching Oral and Literacy Skills”.  Dr. Bateman is a master at teaching really complex theories.  The best lesson was when he taught us a piece of Brazilian literature to demonstrate a pedagogical theory.  He can both talk the talk (in three languages!) and walk the walk.

Favorite experience?  I loved teaching at BYU.  It was one of the most valuable parts of my program.  I also loved all of the friendships I made with my classmates while working in the grad student office.

Any other useful information to students looking into the program?  It’s really beneficial if you have some teaching experience before you start the pedagogy emphasis MA.  I found that my 3 years in the public schools helped me to better understand my theoretical training and was integral to my success in the program.